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Cousin Jake: News

Happy Holidays to all - December 13, 2010

Hiya, folks,

All of us here in COUSIN JAKE want to once again thank all of our Family for your support through the year, and wish all of you a very happy holiday season and very happy new year.  We'll be happy to rock out for you next year, too! 

Whatta year! - December 9, 2010

THANKS from Dave, Bob and Don to all our Family Members new and old who have supported us for another year!  2010 has been great (and not over yet!!), thanks to everyone coming out and partying with us.  We had plenty of parties and a few big venues we blasted away, especially the Inner Harbor (again!) and more than a few times in the north country.  Thanks to everyone who came out, everyone who asked us to play, and all our actual families and friends who've been supportive and patient with us.  We'll keep on rocking for you, folks, and you should talk to Dave about next year - it will start filling in fast!  A happy and peaceful holiday season and a prosperous and joyful new year! 


Yee Hah. - November 29, 2010

Hey, there, family, we're rocking as usual, and we love being able to tell you all about it, but as I warned earlier, we've had some non-functional email addresses in our list, and here's the ones that simply croaked altogether.  If you recognize this as one of YOURS, you can email us at and we can update you in our web mail.  Here's the stuff what don't work:
Go ahead, spammers!  Scoop them ALL!  Bwa ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaa!!!!  It shall avail you naught!  Ain't nobody home!!! 

For all our faithful friends and family (literally and figuratively) who still have active email accounts, we'll keep you updated!   And good news for those of you following the stories: John Luber has gotten four of his seven stolen guitars back, huzzah!  Thanks for watching out for him, folks!!  The dirtballs will be caught and prosecuted! 

Oh, and Don: don't be embarrassed that you do pop music in your spare time.  We won't tell anyone.  Um, wait a second...  Well, you rock out anyway!!!!! 

Another troublesome bit of news - November 16, 2010

Folk, we have another situation that took place just recently to a brother musician.  Here is the email I received from Deb Tafel at Bikers United. 

From: Deb Tafel []
Sent: Tuesday, November 16, 2010 10:43 AM

Subject: Notice: stolen guitars

Hi all
I was asked to share this info with any bands that I may know.  Please help if you know anything!!!

John Luber lost 7 instruments. Whether you know John or not, please forward
this to every musician you know.  (He presently plays in 2 Kool 4 Skool - rfv)

John Luber had  7  instruments stolen from his studio on his property in
Oswego last evening. There were  4 high end (2 natural, 1 Black and 1 Red
Schecters (strat style) guitars. Very recognizable as not the run of the
mill Schecters. One had a rosewood board., a couple of High end Strats
tobacco sunburst and a custom shop highly figured Jade green Les Paul with a
custom shop label on the back of the head stock... If you see anything that
even looks like it could be something special whether you are in a store or
you see someone playing one, Call John at (315) 529-2475 or the Oswego
county Sheriffs office at (315) 349-3307.

 Thanks very much..

Ray Furniss


If your not part of the Groove
You're part of the problem

SO - keep your eyes open and your phone handy, folks.  Stealing a player's guitar is like stealing a cowboy's horse - he may not die quick, but it'll be killing him anyway.   

Thanks to the Family - November 7, 2010

Folks, we wanted to thank everyone who came out to the charity event at the Locker Room.  It was a great time and, thanks to those who took the time to attend, the event raised enough to feed over 200 families a full Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings.  Kudos to everyone who worked hard on planning and running the dinner as a combined effort of several bike clubs and organizations, and helped make this a success, and of course to all who came to party and donate.  Thanks, folks.  We're glad we could help even if it was last minute. 

A PSA from CJ - September 30, 2010

Hiya, family members! 

We just want to let you know that we're very grateful for everyone on our mailing list, especially when you come out to hear us play!  But there has been an oddity that has popped up from time to time, and that's the email address that fails.  So, if you're on our list and hate those witty and hysterically funny emails we've been sending out, just let us know - you don't have to go get another address just because I told the ugly dog joke again.  BUT if you change providers, or got bored with ImSoWonderful@wippydoo.argh and decided to change to, for example, then just remember to let us know here at the website.  We'd hate for you to miss out!  And yes, Joann, you DO need to clear out the inbox, it's been overloaded for MONTHS!!! 

So, just to pretend to be clear: if your email address fails more than four times, we'll have a sad little moment or two and delete it from the mailing list.  If you get a new address, PLEASE let us know so we can update you and keep you informed about all the spectacular gigs and goings-on of yer favorite cousin, COUSIN JAKE!!!  Thanks, folks!! 


HELP NEEDED for Katie Case - September 28, 2010

Family members, we swiped this message off Facebook, where it is rapidly getting distributed throughout the CNY musical community.  In case the names don't click for you, this refers to the family of Paul Case, of Case & Davidson fame. 


Hi Everone.  I'm trying the help spread the word the terrible accident that occurred this past weekend [9/24-26? -rfv] which resulted in severely burning friends of mine, Paul & Julie Case's, daughter Katie.  A benefit will take some time to organize to help them defray costs such as money for travel expenses back and forth to the hospital in Boston, gas money, food etc.  Both Paul & Julie will be out of work or missing work while the normal household bills continue: electric, fuel oil, etc.  If everyone who wanted to help could just send them a check, even $10, it all adds up.  And this would be quicker than waiting for a benefit, and more effective right now.  Their address is P.O. Box 921, Old Forge NY 13420.  Hope you can get this out to some friends.  Please help spread the word and pray for their daughter, Katie, and family. 


Folks, this sort of tragedy is a terrible time for any family, and it's the more poignant for musicians when it's one of our own.  Feel free to investigate but please consider donating, even if just a little.  There are rumors of a benefit in the early planning stages, but the Cases are hurting now.  Thanks.  (Bob) 



A TIMELY WARNING - September 21, 2010


Just wanted to post this in case you weren't in the original recipient list.  This warning is from Deb Tafel of Bikers United as of September 21, 2010: 

Subject: EXTERNAL: Bikers Beware: road issue

At the corners of Park Street and Alliance Stadium Pkwy (entrance near train station), there are sandblasting materials on Park Street.  This may cause a hazard.  We have contacted to company doing the work and they have said they will clean it up, until then if you must use that area, be aware and careful.
Bikers United


Stay safe, kids!!

High Time for more Rockin'! - September 10, 2010

Hey there, Family members!  We've been kinda busy but managed to avoid paying attention to the website besides, so we're sorry and are ready to take our spankings, ma'am.  But I digress. 

We're still here and still rockin' out, folks.  Just remember that all the up to date info can be had right here on our calendar pages. and plenty of gossip and videos on our Facebook page - which Dave updates a little more often than I get here to blow the dust off.  Come on out and see us - we've got a few more bar gigs than usual so there will be lots of chances to get out and boogie! 

The Rock is rollin' - May 31, 2010

Hiya, Family members!  Well, this week we're doing the long haul thing from Old Forge to Dresden on Friday & Saturday.  We'll be starting the weekend of Bike Week at Thunder In The Forge, and then >

Hope you all feel like taking that gorgeous trip up to Slickers on Friday night and rocking out with us.  And keep an eye on the calendar page, folk, because there's new gigs popping up every week!  We've got some hot gigs in the works and you'll see them there when they're confirmed.  Watch for us at the Inner Harbor! 

More gigs - more rockin! - April 19, 2010

Greetings, family!  Yer cousin is stacking on the gigs and we'll be rocking all summer for you.This week, 4/24 we'll be performing at the Oneida Lake South Shore Association, a benefit for Dan "Sully" Sullivan, to raise money for his heart surgeryCome on out, it's a great hall and it will be a great time for a good cause. And that's just the first in a long list of upcoming shows, from Rochester to Old Forge to East Pharsalia! (No, really.)We're expecting to perform at the Inner Harbor again this summer, and we hope all you hog riders will be coming out to see us open for Blackfoot!We're going to Thunder in the Forge again this summer, and hope you'll all be making the gorgeous trip thru the Adirondacks.And for those who prefer to do your rocking in the local joints, we had a great time at Beginnings II and we'll be back there again soon. Thanks to all our Family who came out!Yer cousin loves each and every one of you! (I know, that already sounds wrong to me, too.)& Keep an eye on our calendar page, visit often and feel free to leave remarks in the guestbook.

Bob gets another award - April 7, 2010

Yeah, it's not bragging if it's true, folks. 

Bob and his coworkers at the day job from Lockheed once again not only rocked out in the Landmark Theater for the 2010 Rockin' the Red Cross, they WON!  Defense Mechanism took first place out of thirteen competitors and blew away the judges and the audience alike, walking home with the trophy and an as-yet to be determined gig in the summer.  No small credit goes to Bob's singing talent - ONE MORE CONFIRMATION that Cousin Jake will ROCK YOU! 

Meantime, our calendar is filling fast.  We're booking from April thru August, and September is warming up on the griddle.  Keep an eye on our calendar page for all the latest and greatest!  We'll have more than a few gigs at bars open to the general public among all those events and long-distance gigs, fear not. 


EVERYONE - here's a copy of an email sent out Monday night by Deb Tafel of Bikers United.  Here's where we see just what the biker community can do! 

As I'm sure you have all heard, Andy's Cycle Shop (Tawdy's building) is being torn down.  The final word is it is being torn down tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday).  They need our help with removing all his stuff before that happens.

Tractor trailers are being brought in, bodies are needed to lift and carry things out of the building.  If you can be of assistance, stop down (State Street) anytime tonight or tomorrow they are starting at 7:00/7:30 am.

Anyone with generators and cords, they are very much needed because the power has been cut off.

Thanks for your help
Bikers United

Go ahead and stare! - March 1, 2010

Yep indeed, we have some new photos on the webpage from the Bikers United Winter Heat event, go ahead and have a look (you'll have to page through the first batch, there's a link).  IF ANYONE HAS MORE PICS they'd like to share, not necessarily of us but the goings-on, too, by all means send them to the website.  We'll post 'em if we like 'em and we'll give credit where we can! 

There's plenty coming up this month, so keep an eye on our calendar page.  We'll be playing Mondo's benefit the 21st, Bob is going to strut on the Landmark stage again for the Red Cross Fundraiser the 26th, and then we'll be rockin' some more at Beginning II!  Make sure you're there to boogie! 

Meantime, keep rockin', everybody, and we'll see you out there! 

You like to look... - January 24, 2010

Heh heh heh, so go to our photo page and have a look at the shots from the Nightstalkers' MC party.  And if anyone else has fun photos of the goings on, feel free to forward them to and we'll put 'em up (if they're fun enough!). 

And don't forget to keep an eye on the calendar, we're adding gigs every week.  If there's somewhere you want us to play, tell the folks at the joint to talk to Dave!  We'll rock their socks off! 


This is becoming a habit... - January 18, 2010

And it's not a good habit - we keep offering apologies!  Yes, by Finagle's Law (The perversity of the universe tends toward a maximum.) we managed to get our gig at Joe's Runway 28 not only posted on our website but also all three local papers with calendars - the Post, the SNT and Table Hopping - just before the bar closed.  Thankfully, this was not our fault; hells, it wasn't even the bar owner's fault.  The problem was he didn't own the building.  If you've ever rented from a very interesting landlord, you can do the math real quick. 

SO - for anyone who planned to stop down and help us rock the joint, thanks and our apologies.  For those still hoping, we have more gigs on the way - just have a look at the calendar page! 

AND we want to thank everyone at the party Saturday and especially our hosts, the Nightstalkers MC, for having us out at Beginning II for a great time.  We're hoping for photos of the party so we can post some on our webpage - say, if YOU took some good shots, email the good stuff to Dave ( and we'll immortalize them on the Interwebs.  Doesn't just have to be band photos, all the goings-on could be way cool to put up.  At least one of Strings jamming with the band would be very cool to have!  Thanks, folk! 

AND happy Martin Luther King day to one and all, and remember that rights aren't something you get handed to you, they're something you have to defend. 

Big fun at Big Bay - January 11, 2010

Hey there, Family members!  Sorry we didn't post our gig for last Saturday night at Big Bay, but it was birthday parties and we weren't told whether or not it was a surprise.  So, as the general said when the troops disappeared, we opted for discretion.  BUT, thanks for the great time, all you partygoers, we had a terrific time and Bob managed to sing despite his relentlessly goopy lungs.  As for all you guys that Dave told to tell him to go to the doctor, bite me.  The voice is still there.  Any more green tea and the poor schmuck will turn Japanese.  :) 

But don't forget this coming weekend - check our calendar for TWO - count 'em! - TWO gigs on Friday and Saturday.  Clean the cobwebs off the snowshoes and get ready to stomp. 


THANK YOU - December 25, 2009

Family, we all in Cousin Jake just want to thank you for another terrific year of playing for you all.  We had a heck of a year, covered a lot of distance, and played quite a few big events, including the Taste of Rochester, the Inner Harbor, Budweiser Amphitheater, and Empire Court at the State Fair.  Bob won a best vocalist award at the Rockin' the Red Cross event.  Our new CD came out this year, FLYING MACHINE, and we've been happy to see lots of interest and sell plenty of copies (and now it's posted on CDBaby for online buyers).  Every audience we play is important to us and every show we give it our best.  Thanks for coming out and we hope we'll see you again soon (hold January 15th for Joe's Runway 28 in Mattydale)!  Remember, if it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing.  Have a groovy new year! 

Happy Holidays - December 12, 2009

Hey, there, brethren and cistern!  OK, so my terminology is poor, but I just want to thank all my fellow IUE local 320 members for a terrific time at the holiday party, particularly Mike Labulis and Bob Walter for asking us back.  We had a great time playing for you and I hope you had at least as much fun as we did.    I'm guessing that was the case since we got asked to play an extra set!  Not to mention the guy who practically somersaulted on the dance floor (we're sure he did that on purpose!)  and everyone who was singing along.  And to all our Family members, have a safe and happy holiday season and we'll see you all soon! 


Shaking off - November 17, 2009

The chill, that is.  Yer Cousin is booking up for the rest of the year and beyond, so keep an eye on our calendar page.  Of course, if you need some extra heat in your life, we'll be happy to play for YOU, too - in which case, check the contact page from our list of links for how to call Dave!    Give us a yell and we can rock your world! 

We're also getting word about a benefit on DEC. 6th at Mac's Bad Art Bar to which we've been invited to play, more as we find out details; and we may just be stopping by Buke's Xmas party to jam, you never can tell...   :) 

Fall has fell - October 14, 2009

As the alleged poem goes: Spring has sprung, Fall has fell, Winter's here and it's as cold as a witch's thorax in a brass brassiere. Well, it's getting chilly and the hogs are mostly back in the garages, but don't let that make you think we're not playing! Keep us in mind for your Fall equinox dance, your Xmas party, or your any-old-excuse-to-rock-out party. There will be parties, there will be events, there are plenty of watering holes we could be playing at if all you fans go ask the barkeep "Why the !*&^#! aren't you hiring Cousin Jake?!? Have you lost your MIND??!?!"

WE WILL PLAY FOR YOUR PARTY, your birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, engagements, bar mitzvahs, baby showers, hot showers, grand openings, bar openings, bar closings, passing the Bar, NOT passing the bar, happy hours, ecstatic hours, virginity removal, republican party, progressive party, regressive party, permissive party, perceptive party, misperception party, Miss Congeniality, Miss Big Take, attitude removal and/or adjustment, Fridays, Frydays, flydays, satdowndays, Somedays, some other days, fan clubs, fandangoes, and Methodists. 
Just call Dave already!  We can always use a little support. We'll be out there, and you should be too - we can rock the house all year round!

Good Voodoo! - October 12, 2009

Hey, family members and all the crazies digging the DIRT - we just want to thank Vinnie, Donnie, Frank, Mike, Michelle, Bobco, and everyone who made us feel welcome at Super Dirt Week and the VOODOO LOUNGE, and all the hearty partying going on. What a riot! We had as much fun as ever and special thanks to all the fans thoughtful enough to put a dollar or two in the "hat" when it went around, and bought CD's and shirts. Despite the below 40 weather and the smoke inhalation (no, not the good kind, yah mon) we were rockin' hot as we could. It was a fine time and we look forward already to next year!

Hot off the Press - October 9, 2009

Hey, folks, we got some good lines from Mark Bialczak on his Listen UP blog, go have a looksee: Thanks, man! We're trying our best to bring it at every show - of course, we're copping out for tonight (Friday) at DIRT week because the weather will be a little too Syracuse-like. So wouldn't you just know we'd get press about it?!?! Vinnie called us and suggested we not get rained out, wait til Saturday and nicer conditions. So we will, but we'll ROCK twice as hard!

Not braggin' if it's true! - September 16, 2009

Greetings, Family members! Here we have the text of a review of our CD, FLYING MACHINE, taken from UpstateLIVE magazine, Vol. 2, Issue 6.

Cousin Jake - Flying Machine
By Greg Jackson

During my meet up with Cousin Jake at IslandFest 2009 before their opening set with Kashmir, guitarist Dave Cook dropped copies of their three CD’s on me. Not having heard them previously, I only had their live performance to go by and that left me with great anticipation to hear how the songs translated to the studio. Cousin Jake lit up the Budweiser Amphitheater that night with their blues/rock originals, and a very interesting combination of covers illustrating their influences and musical tastes. From Robin Trower's "Little Bit Of Sympathy" to Dave’s rendition of [Jimi Hendrix’s] "The Star Spangled Banner/Purple Haze" it's pretty easy to tell the guitar school he attended.
Cousin Jake features the guitar pyrotechnics and vocals of Dave Cook, lead vocals and bass by Bob Volk, and Donny Gillett on drums and vocals. The latter two join(ed) up with Dave in 2006 to round out the three man line-up. Dave, a founding member, has been part of for 16 years. In this style each position had better be pretty strong and Cousin Jake is no exception to this rule. Live, each man takes his turn at the front of the mix. Donny's steady timing rolls along with Bob's rumbling bass lines giving Dave plenty of space to cut his six string prowess loose. Bob's strong vocals and stage presence balance nicely as he urges the crowd to join in and sing along while Dave drives the whole unit with his dynamic runs. Their moniker is "Rock and Roll That Relates"; after listening to 'Flying Machine" live, then on CD, I whole-heartedly agree.
"Flying Machine" is the latest release from the veteran Syracuse band, pre-mastered by Steve Schad at Oak Palace Recording Studio and recorded and mastered at Hertel Recording Studios. The opening track, "Easy Man" sets the tone for the entire CD with Dave's crunching power chords soaring into a quick lead section, then softening behind Bob's vocal intro. This piece leaves you wondering just how easy this man is, especially after Dave’s furious solo section combined with Bob’s reading of the lyric seemingly changing personality from verse to chorus. The rave-up title track I liked better live, like most of the selections here they thrive with the visual energy of Cousin Jake, although Donny's backing vocals really shine in the studio given the proper mix. Track three, "Misery" reveals another of Cousin Jake's influences, down and dirty southern rock reminiscent of a slightly harder Marshall Tucker when Dave cuts the slide loose and Bob's vocal turns to a growl. Number four, "Play Or Die" opens with Dave channeling his internal Trower/Hendrix, both through his lightning licks and soulful vocal. If you need to flex your influences Mr. Cook surely chooses a few right from the top of the all-time list. "Getting Stranger", the fifth cut cuts to the heart of a rock and roll relationship leaving enough room for your imagination to decide if it’s a girl or a bandmate they’re talking about. The dissonant chord structure and thunderous rhythm section twists the concept deeper into dysfunction, definitely my favorite track! “Lay With Me” closes this six song offering showing off Cousin Jake’s softer side. Bob's convincing lyric, Dave’s weeping pedal work and Donny’s tasteful touch put a nice finish on this, the third CD from Cousin Jake.
A great listen from these Syracuse veterans! Definitely a must-have for fans of guitar-driven blues rock and one to keep handy for those classic road trips. Check out Cousin Jake live and pick up a CD or two, you won’t be disappointed!
You can follow the band at or contact them at

Saturday in Camden, other fun. - September 14, 2009

To quote our last email: Thanks to all the folks who came out in Camden and heard us, and especially to Dave Silliman who is trying to do good for the whole town and provide some fun and food for anyone who is stopping by. REALLY good chicken and amazing burgers, Dave! And some damn fine produce at the farm market, too. There's nothing like a tomato as big as your head.

Keep in touch with us, folks! We encourage everyone who signs the guestbook to leave an email address, and we'll keep you posted with upcoming gigs, band news, gossip and more - but not those bad email jokes ALL YOUR OTHER FRIENDS send you. if we're drunk enough we'll attach a smiley, but that's as bad as it gets. Honest.
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